How to Lose 1kg a Week: Your Healthy Guide to Exercise and Nutrition for Safe Fat Loss

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Lose 1kg a Week!

Figuring out how to lose 1kg a week can be a tough feat if you're at the beginning of your health journey. Perhaps, you don't know where to start or, you've done some research into the best diets and now feel overwhelmed.

There is so much conflicting information on the internet that getting going can be tougher than the actual workout themselves.

But, if you're someone who's decided to better their body composition – lose fat, build muscle and tone up– then it's time to get clear on how you're going to achieve this. And – we have to make this crystal clear – that does not include fad and crash diets, restriction or deprivation.

So, shrug off the detox tea ads and actively escape from the 'fat burning' supplements section of whichever shady internet site has you cornered – we're about to lay down the expert science-backed advice on how to lose 1kg a week safely.

Firstly, how much is 1kg in pounds?

So, 1 kilogram (kg) is equal to 2.2 pounds (lbs) – which means that if you were to lose 1kg a week, you'd lose 4 kg (8.8 lbs) a month. 

That would be 52 Kg (114,4 lbs) in a year, of course fits the calculation only to a person with the right high amount of fat (overweight)

How many calories do you need to burn to lose 1kg?

Okay, let's crunch the numbers and then we can get into the nitty gritty of exactly what you should be doing.

A pound of fat – fat is usually measured in pounds – is around 3,200 calories of energy. That's means if you want to lose 1kg a week (a healthy and sustainable amount, although it's not advised to shoot for more than this) you would need to create a 7,000 calorie deficit (2.2 lbs worth of fat) over the course of a week.

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Is it possible to lose 1kg a week?

It's possible, Yes. But, with everyone and every body being different it does depend on your starting weight, activity levels, nutrition and sleep as well as other factors such as stress and hormonal fluctuations.
Losing 1kg a week isn't going to be right for everyone - you simply might not have that amount of excess fat to lose. Or, you might have more to lose and at first, feel like you're losing more weight than 2 lbs a week.

No matter your starting point remember, not every week will be the same and to try not to get too stressed about it. Just focus on getting what you can right.

Plus, while 1kg is a healthy weight loss for a lot of people it is just a number after all. Leading your healthiest lifestyle possible will yield the right results for you.

Also, we have to say, self-isolation life is, well, fairly stressful in some ways. And, if you've found that your health journey or healthy habits have been put on pause because of the COVID-19 lockdown, then do try not to stress.

It's easier said than done, we know. But right now, gives yourself the freedom to relax your goals slightly – maybe try to do as much as you can, as well as you can – and step away from rigid rules.

Can you lose 1kg without exercising?

You can – losing fat, amongst other factors, is about creating an energy deficit so that your body will then use body fat for fuel. However, fat loss without muscle might not result in the end aesthetic you're after. Nor, will you reap the health rewards that exercise brings.

For the healthiest body, a good plan can be to pair a nutrient dense diet with regular strength training and cardio exercise. We'll come onto the best way to do this shortly.

Not only can you lose fat and build muscle with exercise, there are a myriad of benefits to getting sweaty. According to the NHS, it's medically proven that people who do regular physical activity have:
  • up to a 35% lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke
  • ​up to a 50% lower risk of type 2 diabetes
  • ​up to a 50% lower risk of cancer
  • ​up to a 20% lower risk of breast cancer for woman
  • ​a 30% lower risk of early death
  • ​up to an 83% lower risk of osteoarthritis
  • ​​up to a 68% lower risk of hip fracture
  • ​a 30% lower risk of falls (among older adults)
  • ​​up to a 30% lower risk of depression
  • ​up to a 30% lower risk of dementia
Phew. That's a lot of benefits. Not sure where to start? Let us guide you.

How to exercise to lose 1kg a week

Most experts agree that the best exercise to lose fat is the one you actually do. It's all well and good having a watertight plan, but unless you actually do it, it's not worth anything.

‘Whether that’s sweating it out every day or a couple of times a week, it’s more important to focus on the quality of your workouts over their quantity.
With that being said, a plan that combines strength workouts to build lean muscle and high intensity interval training – HIIT – sessions to burn fat, as well as a low intensity steady state cardio (walking, jogging) will suit you best.

Ultimately, the more muscle you have, the faster you’ll burn fat.

The best nutrition tips to lose 1kg a week

Firstly, creating long lasting healthy habits relies on taking everything in moderation – including moderation! That means not falling into the trap of cutting out entire food groups or believing that you'll 'eat this way' until you lose the weight and then 'go back to normal'.

Instead, focus on what you can add into your daily diet for health gains – like drinking more water, more regularly!

Here are five handy tips to get you on the right nutritional foot:
1. Drink more water
Aim for at least eight glasses a day. Feeling hungry? Drink a glass of water and wait 10 minutes – it could just be thirst.

2. Slow down your eating
Research shows that the longer you take to chew your food, the less you will consume.

3. Fill up with fibre
Whole wheat bread, potato, nuts and grains will keep you feeling satisfied for longer.

4. Slightly cut down your portion size
By just a little. This will decrease your calorie intake while being easy to maintain.

5. Eat high-protein meals
Especially within 30 minutes of a workout. This will help you feel full for longer and aid muscle repair.

What should you eat to lose 1kg a week?

To figure out exactly how much you need to be eating to hit your body composition goals as well as stay satiated and happy – working out your macros might be a good shout.

Not familiar with macros?

It stands for macronutrients and breaks down food into the three key categories of nutrients: carbohydrates, protein and fats. Depending on what you're trying to achieve – lose, maintain or gain weight – how you manipulate your macros can be a serious benefit.
For example, those looking to gain lean muscle might have a higher amount of protein in their diet compared to someone looking to gain fat, who might go heavier on the carbs.

To figure out the perfect calorie intake use this handy calculator:

Kcal Calculator

Know how much Calories you can eat!


When should you eat to lose 1kg a week?

Meal timings are an individual thing. If your schedule has you getting up at 5 am some days and 11 am other days – hello, self-isolation life! – everyone's days are slightly different. That being said, there are some timings that could help you hit your goals if you're on a 9–5 schedule from home.


First thing after waking up

Now's the time to down some water – 500ml, in fact – according to a German study that found it boosted metabolism by 24% for 90 minutes afterwards. This is due to the fact your body must expend extra energy to bring the cold water down to your core temperature. Easy hack: pop a bottle in the fridge before you head to Bedfordshire so it's ready for when you wake up.

Before breakfast

According to a study in the British Journal of Nutrition, getting a sweat on before you tuck into your morning bowl of oats might be the better choice if you're trying to lose fat as you can burn nearly 20% more if you exercise in a 'fasted' state. 'Your blood-sugar levels are low, so your body has to use fat as fuel for your muscles to work.' 

However, fasted workouts don't work for everyone. Give it a go and see how it makes you feel.


Now, this might only be for the stronger-stomached person, but breaking your fast with a lean protein – be it a turkey breast or a steak, even – could be the key to burning more fat.

Research in the British Journal of Nutrition found eating high-protein meals such as meat and nuts at breakfast time led to a greater feeling of fullness. Try pairing a turkey breast with a handful of almonds – a great source of monounsaturated fat that helps to burn belly fat.



Lunchtime might be the meal that it's best to up the portion size, according to a study in the International Journal of Obesity that found those who ate 40% of their daily calories from carbs and protein before 3 pm, dropped an average of 11% – compared with 9% of those who ate their biggest meal at dinner time.

Lunch might also be the meal that it's best to take your probiotic with. A study in the European Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, found that taking the probiotic lactobacillus gasseri for 12 weeks reduced belly fat by a total of 4.6 per cent. Taking your probiotic mid-meal will also 'boost satiety and the feeling of fullness,' says nutritionist Carrie Ruxton.


Rich in plant compound ECGC, green tea can promote the burning of fat. In fact, three cups a day could cut your weight by nearly five per cent, says a French study. Plump for matcha green tea powder – it can increase the body’s rate of calorie burn by up to 40 per cent.



Best to dish up early, if you're trying to lose fat, as the extra hours before bed not eating will help your body digest and get into a rest state before sleeping. To maximise fat loss, eat dinner early, then fast for around 14 hours until breakfast the next day.

After dinner

After you’ve had dinner, it could be beneficial to go for a 10-minute walk as light post-meal exercise can lower blood sugar and stop you storing fat. If you don't live somewhere where you can venture out safely and at a social distance of two-metres to others then this yoga pose is also known to relieve indigestion: lie on your back with your hands on your knees, exhale and hug your knees to your chest; gently rock from side to side for 5-10 breaths.


Those who consistently get poor quality of sleep are more likely to suffer major weight gain – so try to aim for at least seven hours each night to keep cortisol levels in check. 'This [cortisol] hormone regulates appetite. 'If it's out of sync, you'll never feel full.'

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Top 6 Exercise Excuses and How to Beat Them

How to stop making excuses and start getting fit.

What’s keeping you from working out? Whether it’s too little time, not enough energy, or just hating to exercise, there's a solution. Get ready to get motivated.

Exercise Excuse No. 1: 'I Don't Have Time.'

"How much television do you watch?" asks Walter Thompson, PhD, professor of kinesiology and health at Georgia State University.

During your shows, use resistance bands for strength training, or walk in place. You could also record your shows and watch them later, skipping the ads; use that time to exercise.

If you don't have a long stretch of time, you could break up your workout into shorter sessions. Some activity is better than none. "We find time for things we value," says James Hill, PhD, co-founder of the National Weight Control Registry. 

At Body Time we offer you a full GYM replacement with just 20 minutes once a week! Give it a try and take advantage of the future of fitness!

Exercise Excuse No. 2: 'I'm Too Tired.'

Working out actually gives you more energy. Your body makes feel-good hormones (endorphins), "and you're getting the circulation going," says Marisa Brunett, a certified athletic trainer in Orlando, Fla.

It may help to work out in the morning before your day gets away from you, says kinesiologist Lynette Craft, PhD. She's an assistant professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University.

Not a morning person? No problem. Do it whenever you feel best, says Brunett, who likes to work out in the middle or at the end of the day.

We can help you get all your workout with a 20 minutes once a week done! Join our Body Time fast and safe weight loss community today!

Exercise Excuse No. 3: 'I Don't Get a Break From the Kids.'

"Take the kids with you," Hill says. While they're playing, you can walk around the playground, or jump rope nearby. During their games or sports practices, walk briskly around the field.

Go biking with your kids, put up a badminton net in your yard, sign up as a family for "fun runs," or just walk around the neighborhood with your children. When the weather's bad, try active video games like "Dance Dance Revolution," "Wii Sport," and "Wii Fit."

"When mom or dad is more fit, has more energy, the whole family benefits,” says psychologist Christina Recascino, PhD.

The Body Time Workout takes just 20 minutes once a week, take your kids with you to your next session! The workout is so quick and efficient in the same time and your kids don't got time to get bored with out 20 minutes workout full of entertainment ;)   

Exercise Excuse No. 4: 'Exercise Is Boring.'

Find an activity you love. Try inline skating, dancing, or gardening. Join a sports league. Or go dancing. "There's an exercise for everyone," Recascino says. "It doesn't have to be onerous or unpleasant."

If it makes exercise more enjoyable for you, it's OK to watch TV or read while you're on the exercise bike or treadmill, as long as your workout is still challenging.

Get some friends to go with you, or join a group. And every once in a while, try something totally new. “Mix it up so you don't get bored,” Brunett says. 

Body Time Workouts are not boring and you can bring your friends too, 20 minutes once a week full with fun and variations to keep you fit and engaged! Let's get started! 

Exercise Excuse No. 5: 'I Just Don't Like to Move.'

First, figure out why.

Is it that you don't like getting sweaty? You can work out indoors where it's air conditioned. You can swim so you won't notice any perspiration. Or try a low-sweat activity, like gentle types of yoga.

Is it hard on your joints? Head for the pool. Exercising in water is easier on your joints.The stronger your muscles get, the more they can support your joints and the less you'll hurt. If your physical limitations are more serious, check with your doctor, or find an athletic trainer who can help you figure out exercises that are still safe and easy to do.

If you’re self-conscious about your weight, you could start by walking with friends, working out in the privacy of your home, or exercising with a trainer who's supportive. Wear clothes that feel comfortable.

All our clients had the same concerns and after starting working out with us at Body Time they not just transform their bodies with just 20 minutes once a week they got active and energized than never ever before! 

Exercise Excuse No. 6: 'I've Tried Before.'

Set goals that are small and realistic. Then you're more likely to feel like a success, not a failure, Brunett says.

It also helps to keep a log and post it somewhere public -- even on Facebook. Craft calls it a "wall of encouragement." Friends and family can then say, "Hey, you did 15 minutes yesterday. Great job," she says. A log also helps you see if you're starting to fall off the wagon (or the treadmill).

Having an exercise buddy keeps you accountable as well, says Boston psychologist Eric Endlich, PhD. You may be more likely to show up for your workout if you know someone is expecting you to be there.

At Body Time we focus on losing 1 Kg a Week what is a very motivating goal for our clients and us! Let's give it a try today! 

To Your Success
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Benefits of Exercise


We have all heard it many times before - regular exercise is good for you, and it can help you lose weight. But if you are like many Americans, you are busy, you have a sedentary job, and you haven't yet changed your exercise habits. The good news is that it's never too late to start. You can start slowly, and find ways to fit more physical activity into your life. To get the most benefit, you should try to get the recommended amount of exercise for your age. If you can do it, the payoff is that you will feel better, help prevent or control many diseases, and likely even live longer.

What are the health benefits of exercise?
Regular exercise and physical activity may
  • Help you control your weight. Along with diet, exercise plays an important role in controlling your weight and preventing obesity. To maintain your weight, the calories you eat and drink must equal the energy you burn. To lose weight, you must use more calories than you eat and drink.
  • ​Reduce your risk of heart diseases. Exercise strengthens your heart and improves your circulation. The increased blood flow raises the oxygen levels in your body. This helps lower your risk of heart diseases such as high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, and heart attack. Regular exercise can also lower your blood pressure and triglyceride levels.
  • ​Help your body manage blood sugar and insulin levels. Exercise can lower your blood sugar level and help your insulin work better. This can cut down your risk for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. And if you already have one of those diseases, exercise can help you to manage it.
  • ​Help you quit smoking. Exercise may make it easier to quit smoking by reducing your cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It can also help limit the weight you might gain when you stop smoking.
  • ​Improve your mental health and mood. During exercise, your body releases chemicals that can improve your mood and make you feel more relaxed. This can help you deal with stress and reduce your risk of depression.
  • ​Help keep your thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp as you age. Exercise stimulates your body to release proteins and other chemicals that improve the structure and function of your brain.
  • ​Strengthen your bones and muscles. Regular exercise can help kids and teens build strong bones. Later in life, it can also slow the loss of bone density that comes with age. Doing muscle-strengthening activities can help you increase or maintain your muscle mass and strength.
  • ​Reduce your risk of some cancers, including colon, breast , uterine, and lung cancer.
  • ​Reduce your risk of falls. For older adults, research shows that doing balance and muscle-strengthening activities in addition to moderate-intensity aerobic activity can help reduce your risk of falling.
  • ​Improve your sleep. Exercise can help you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
  • ​Improve your sexual health. Regular exercise may lower the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. For those who already have ED, exercise may help improve their sexual function. In women, exercise may increase sexual arousal.
  • ​Increase your chances of living longer. Studies show that physical activity can reduce your risk of dying early from the leading causes of death, like heart disease and some cancers.




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First What NOT to eat!

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